Nearly half of motorists exceed the speed limit when driving through the centre of Eversley, new data has showed.

Speeds of up to 80mph were recorded along the B3272 and the A327, despite a 30mph restriction in both.

The speed indicator device (SID) which recorded 252,209 vehicles between April 4 and June 1, also captured 2,000 motorists driving at 50mph and above.

The operation was conducted by Eversley Parish Council as part of its campaign to crack down on drivers who put villagers at risk.

Councillor David Simpson, who provided the parish with funding for the SID last year, said: “Lots of people are driving above 30mph.

“We have children around. It’s as simple as that.

“We can take these statistics to the police as evidence that this is a fast road and they can go out and prosecute.

“The statistics show what we have been saying all along.

“What we need to do is bring down the speed of motorists driving at the higher end of the scale.”

Cllr Simpson, who represents Eversley on Hampshire County Council, said motorists driving at great speeds provide an obvious risk to pupils at the nearby Charles Kingsley’s School.

Children use the B3272 every school day.

The speed results, published last week by the parish council, showed that 115,567 of the 252,209 vehicles recorded, exceeded the 30mph speed limit.

One person was recorded driving at 80mph, two at 75mph and 11 at 70mph. These highest speeds were recorded either late at night or in the early hours of the morning.

Motorists exceeded the speed limit most at 6pm when the roads were at their busiest.

Speed data was recorded earlier this year along the same stretch of the village and the level of speeding has not improved.

When a speed greater than 30mph is registered by a vehicle, the warning sign ‘slow down’ is indicated together with the actual speed.

The device acts as a warning to motorists and does not lead to fines or licence points.