AS the net begins to close on the M3 killer of Michael Little, a second lorry driver had a narrow escape on Sunday evening when a rock thrown from a footbridge struck the roof of his lorry.

An off-duty soldier saw a youth throw the rock at about 8:30pm from the Medway Drive side of Fintry Walk bridge at Farnborough. He pulled on to the hard shoulder, chased the alleged offender and detained a 12-year-old boy until police arrived.

Police are appealing for more witnesses of the incident. "We especially want to hear from a teenage girl who was with the arrested youth when the rock was thrown and a group of young people who were near the bridge at the time," said Det Con Mike Koshal.

"There is no doubt the lorry driver had a lucky escape. One fails to understand the mentality of someone who would do this only weeks after the murder of a lorry driver, when a rock was thrown just two miles down the road in Surrey."

He said the soldier acted quickly and bravely and "we are indebted to him for his help."

The driver, a Salisbury man, was shocked, but managed to pull his Iveco cargo lorry on to the hard shoulder. The roof of the lorry was damaged. Readers with information should ring Aldershot CID on 0845 0454545.

As the Star went to press yesterday (Wednesday) Aldershot Police said a 12 year boy and a girl, 14, had been charged with criminal damage with intent to endanger life. They were released on bail.

Meanwhile, police are still determined to find the murderer of Michael (Micky) Little (53) who died after being hit by a brick thrown from the footbridge leading from Camberley town centre (Brackendale Road) to Frimley. They have forensic evidence and are taking voluntary DNA swabs of local men.

Micky worked 26 years for the Ford Motor Company, which is offering a £25,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of his killer. He was struck in the chest by the brick, but managed to pull his 44 ton lorry safely over to the side before collapsing. A service was held last Friday to give thanks for his life. Part of Ford shut down for the day as a mark of respect and many of Micky's workmates joined his daughter and other family and friends at the service. Some mourners came in the maroon and blue colours of his favourite team - West Ham. Surrey police want anyone with information to ring the Incident Room at Dorking on 0845 125 2222 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. They need to hear from people who may have seen anyone around the bridge at about 12:30am on Friday, March 21, people using the footbridge between 11pm and 2am that night, and also motorists using the M3 who may have seen something. "The net is beginning to close in on the killer," said DCI Graham Hill, who is leading the hunt for Micky's murderer. "Information is coming in from local people, and we are confident that, given time, we will identify the offender."