Officers in Farnborough have been cracking down on vehicle-related nuisances following a number of reports from concerned residents.

Over the last three months the Farnborough Safer Neighbourhood Team (FSNT) has introduced measures to help tackle the antisocial use of vehicles.

Olga Venner, sector inspector for Farnborough police, said officers have recognised Pinehurst and Princes Mead car parks as hot spots for nuisance driving and said many offenders are not from Farnborough, but come to the town specifically to use the roads inconsiderately.

The FSNT has been working with parking officers and CCTV wardens from Rushmoor Borough Council, as well as community support officers and police departments in Hampshire, to gather intelligence and identify and deal with offenders.

Members of the FSNT have also made use of the CCTV control room, based at the council’s offices in Farnborough Road, where officers monitor more than 60 cameras covering the borough, which has helped lead to a number of successful prosecutions.

Inspector Venner said: “We were concerned that we have had quite a few residents calling in to say that they have been having people driving around Farnborough too fast or late at night and the noise from the vehicles is disturbing them.

“We identified it as a problem in the area and have been working on it in the last few months to try and improve it.

“We have had quite a few successes.”

She said: “They are people who are not necessarily local to the area. We think people are gathering in groups and coming over to Farnborough and using our roads just for that.

“We think as police in other areas have tightened up on it people are being pushed over to us.”

In the past residents have reported hearing ‘boy racers' but were unable to give a description of the vehicles or locations.

Thanks to improved connections with parking and CCTV wardens, the FSNT have identified some of those responsible and have made it a priority to reduce speeding, bad driving and anti-social driving activities.

Since the New Year, two people have been summoned for dangerous driving in Farnborough – one following a collision and another for riding a motorcycle dangerously in Pinehurst car park - and another has been prosecuted for driving without due care and attention.

A further three drivers have been given warnings for failing to stop for police, six have been warned about their involvement in anti-social behaviour and four vehicles have been seized after being driven without insurance.

Four drivers in car parks received warnings relating to anti-social driving offences and two have received fixed penalty notices for defective tyres and not insuring their vehicles.

Inspector Venner added: “It’s certainly a step up with what we have been doing because it's been highlighted as a problem so we thought we would have a push on it.”