YOUNGSTERS could land in court if their car stereos continue to make life a misery for people living near a Fleet car park.

They are being watched by Hart Council environmental health staff who are checking the decibel levels.

The officials have warned they will have no hesitation in prosecuting the young drivers if they are judged to be causing a noise nuisance.

News of the council's detective work in the Victoria Road car park was revealed by the town's police chief, Inspector Steve Coward.

He said the action followed complaints by residents that the music was being played so loud it was making their lives a misery.

"The officials have already taken some car registration numbers," said Insp. Coward, who recently spent an hour at the car park assessing the overall problem.

In recent weeks his officers have carried out regular evening checks to see if the youngsters are doing anything illegal.

"There has been one isolated incident of two cars racing round the car park," he added. "There was a collision and one of the drivers has been reported."

Inspector Coward added, however, that they had found no evidence of drivers leaving the car park and racing round the town.

He was responding to a call for action from Simon Fenwick who lives at Meadow Court, within earshot of the car park.

In a letter to the Star he asked: "How much longer have the residents of this area got to put up with the menace of ‘boy racers' ?"

He complained of booming sound systems, screeching tyres and clouds of smoke from the cars, and said some residents were in fear of cars ending up in their living rooms.

Claiming that the youngsters were often in the car park until 1am, he believed they were taking part in timed races.

"Every time they leave the car park it is with as much revving and tyre squealing as they can manage," said Mr Fenwick.

Last Friday he told the Star that the situation had improved in recent weeks. "The environmental health people appear to be monitoring the car park very closely indeed," he said.

He also hoped the police would continue to be vigilant because there were still incidents of the drivers "burning up" the car park.