AN ALDERSHOT family is warning cat owners to keep a close eye on their beloved pets after their own met with a sickening death.

Ann Taylor, 27, of Laws Terrace in Goose Green Park, contacted the Mail after her son Joshua, seven, found the decapitated head of his pet Lucky while playing near his home.

Lucky, a young light coloured, long-haired tabby cat, went missing about two weeks ago and, fearing she had been knocked down by a car, Ann and Joshua carried out a search of the area without success.

Then on Tuesday last week Joshua made the grisly discovery.

Ann said: “He came into the house screaming and crying. The first thing he said was ‘someone’s cut the head off my cat’.”

“The Royal Military Police came and looked at what they found and said it had been done deliberately. But all they can do is log that this has happened and pass it around to let others know so they can watch out for their cats.”

She added: “She was a lovely little cat and used to sleep on Joshua’s bed every night. He has another cat called Samson, who is very friendly and goes up to people, but he is paranoid the same thing will happen to him now. He lets him out during the day but as soon as it gets dark he won’t let him out of his sight.

“He really wants people to be aware that there are nasty people out there who will hurt your cats and to be careful. We also want people to know because it may have happened to others who have not reported it.”

RSPCA spokeswoman Lucy Clark said: “We do get incidents of cats, and other animals, being decapitated. It is heartbreaking for the families who have lost their pets and is particularly upsetting in this case as the son was the one to find it.

“It never fails to amaze us what people will do to animals and other people’s pets. We do take cases like this seriously and carry out investigations with the hope of pursuing a prosecution. However, the public are our eyes and ears and we do need their help. We are appealing to anybody who has information or knows who did this to contact us on our 24-hour Cruelty and Advice Line on 08705 555 999.”