"This will be a strange holiday," said Pat, before she flew off to America.

She should be used to them by now. As she spoke e-mails and phone calls were coming in from across America and Canada, asking for me to go and give talks, or radio interviews.

I've been on network radio there for a week, half an hour each night, and this has created quite a response.

So for the next three weeks it will be a marathon trek through middle America, doing talk shows, breakfast phone ins and summoning up some wit and wisdom for Tim and Al's breakfast show in St. Louis.

This will not be easy as I will be 500 miles away at the time, preparing to do a two and a half hour talk at a church in Indiana. I've talked the Pastor into getting up at 6 am and letting me into the deserted building as I psyche up to be bright and breezy down the phone link. This is not always easy when your subject is prophecy….

I'll be doing "Radio Talk" for two hours out of Kansas City, Kansas, and Newstalk radio with Carole Baker in Hot Springs, Arkansas - another two hours. They like to get their money's worth, these US stations.

The highlight is a trip into the Great Smokey Mountains, through Tennessee to Virginia, to speak at the Prophetic Countdown conference in a town called Bristol before driving on to Crystal City in beautiful Missouri - my wife's home state.

This alone is a modest 1,500 mile round trip, so when I had a call from Vancouver I politely declined as it was a mere 7,000 mile return journey.

We've found a great website which I will publicise for all those planning drives through America. It's called Maps On Us -http://mapsonus.switchboard.com/bin/maps

Google will rustle it up for you - and if you can't find Google it's on the front of the Star's website. That's on www shstar.co.uk We put the paper on it every Thursday.

Maps On Us gives you the precise mileage and best route between anywhere and everywhere in the USA, plus places to stop on the way and information on towns you pass through. Brilliant! Let's hope I am too when I get to my destinations….

Anytime I want to stay in touch with reality I walk into the garden and watch the tadpoles, which are waxing fat and sleek and developing miniature frog shapes. What a marvel of creation they are.

For the past two week-ends I have been joined at the pond by a succession of Star readers who are helping me re-stock the frog population of the area with my surplus tads. What pleasant, interesting people they have all been and it has been a pleasure to meet you all. I must now hop it as I have journeys to plan, planes to catch and tales to tell.

I'll return in late June - see you then.