A major Farnborough business has dismissed claims that an alien research base exists beneath its site, following bizarre suggestions in a 109-page report from an earth mysteries society.

The British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society (BEAMS) released the report following a special investigation into Cody Technology Park, run by aerospace developer Qinetiq.

The group believes that many UFO sightings and alien abductions have taken place in Farnborough, which members think could be down to the supposed base.

The report states: “Farnborough is a great place to visit, to go and see the airshow...but not much goes on here, right?

“That is exactly what the authorities want you to think – and in this town you see only what they want you to see.

“Take it from us, when most people are tucked up under their duvets, some mighty strange stuff can happen in these parts.

“We have it on good authority that at these sites, there is often much more below ground as there is above – particularly at the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, now known as Qinetiq.”

Aboriginal painting of an alien said to look like the road layout at the research park

Their bizarre theory is based on ‘cryptic symbols’ – stating that a bird’s eye view of the site’s road system looks like an alien.

Referring to an aerial picture of a roundabout on the site, the report said: “We suggest that this is a stylised, diagrammatic representation of a grey/reptilian figure – just like the aboriginal supreme creator paintings attempted to portray - which is only visible like this from the air.”

BEAMS also says that part of a building in the site has been made to look like a flying saucer. The report even cites an article in the News & Mail’s sister paper, the StarCourier, from May 1998 when DERA was put up for sale.

But a spokesperson for Qinetiq said: “We are sorry to say that no such facility exists beneath Cody Technology Park.

“However, we believe that the expertise of our space scientists, combined with the world-class test facilities at Farnborough, would make us ideally placed to study extraterrestrial spacecraft in future should the opportunity arise.”

Two of BEAMS’ key researchers are chairman Kenneth Parsons and Hilary Porter, who lives in Farnborough who says she has been abducted by aliens more times than she can count.

Ms Porter believes these experiences were caused by living close to the ‘top secret facility’.