CALLOUS con men led an elderly woman up the garden path as they burgled her home.

A man called at the house of the 78-year-old woman in Whetstone Road, Farnborough, at 1pm last Thursday.

Posing as a council official, he told the pensioner that he needed to examine her garden fence, claiming that it was damaged.

The victim, believing the man to be genuine, took him to the back of the house where he kept her talking.

While they were away, the con man's accomplice sneaked into the house through the front door and stole £160 from the woman's handbag.

The bogus council official is white, 5ft 6ins tall with short, dark brown hair.

He was clean-shaven and slim.

Sgt Jon Turton, of Farnborough police, warned people to be on their guard against con men.

He said: "Always use a security measure such as a chain if you are worried about speaking to anyone.

"Always ask to see identification and if you are in any doubt about their identification ask for a contact number for their place of work so you can confirm it.

"Ultimately, if you are still in doubt then phone the police."

Anyone with information is asked to phone Farnborough police on 0845 0454545 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.