OF course the polluters should be made to pay, see Keith Parkins' letter (News April 26). But who are the polluters? We can hardly blame it all on TAG when others may be equally guilty.

Is it our local council who channel surface water, clogged with rubbish and plastic bags from a large shopping market area, straight into Cove Brook? See end of Invincible Road.

Builders and developers who, without thought of the consequences, have used meadows and flood plains to serve the need for more housing, on and around the golf course and on what were once water-meadows designed to absorb flooding?

The Basingstoke Canal Authority who, to maintain a constant water level, let all surplus water overflow on to and under the airfield via their adjustable penstock by Wharf Bridge?

Or is it those responsible for our roads, who, when denied access to drain contaminated water into the canal, divert it into the clear streams that feed Cove Brook? This is happening on the extensive new roadworks around Norris Bridge.

To refer back to last paragraph of original letter, on "who pays the multi-million pound bill?", this amount would be much lightened if shared equally by several offenders.

Arthur E Lunn, Tower Hill, Cove.