FLEET Pond Society is appealing for people to "buy" planks of their new boardwalk for £5 each.

Readers who sponsor a plank will have it numbered, with their name posted on one of the noticeboards around the pond.

Some people are sponsoring planks for their children and grandchildren.

The boardwalk spans a muddy area of the path round the pond. Not only does it enable walkers to stay out of the mud, but it means wheelchair users have access to that area of the nature reserve for the first time.

The boardwalk is already in place and many of the planks are already "bought" and have been numbered, so people know which plank they have helped to buy.

About 200 planks are as yet unsponsored.

Readers or companies who would like to "buy" one or more planks should send a cheque payable to Fleet Pond Society to secretary Barbara Martin at 1`7 Longmead, Fleet, Hampshire, GU52 7TX. Their plank(s) will then be numbered and they can look for the number on the boardwalk. Their name and the number of the plank(s) will also be posted on one of the information boards dotted about the reserve footpath.