A GANG targeting top-of-the-range cars returned to Camberley during the early hours of last Friday.

They stole two vehicles, together worth £41,000, from the driveway of a house in Peninsular Close.

The thieves got their hands on the ignition keys after breaking into the house while the occupiers were asleep.

One of the cars is a silver Nissan X-Trail - RE03KHY - and the other is a blue BMW320 Coupe - RE51DWD.

The previous day a yellow VW Beetle - S547OGT - was stolen from outside the owner's home in Broughton Mews, Frimley.

Again the villains broke into the house and stole the ignition keys for the car which is worth £10,000.

Police believe the same gang may have been responsible for a break-in at a house in Toulouse Close during the same period.

But on that occasion it seems they were unable to find any ignition keys, and made do by stealing jewellery and a mobile phone totalling £750.

The car thefts are the latest in a spate of similar raids where thieves have broken into houses to steal the ignition keys.