THREE innocent people found themselves caught up in a gun drama near Camberley on Sunday afternoon.

Their car was stopped by armed police who had closed off the M3 motorway in a search for a gunman.

The shocked occupants were allowed to continue their journey after convincing the officers that they were in the clear.

Their vehicle was stopped because it resembled a getaway car used by an alleged gunman in the town centre 30 minutes earlier.

"The occupants were extremely helpful," said Judy Williams, Camberley police press officer.

"It was soon apparent that they had nothing to do with the incident."

The police search began after reports that a 22-year-old man had run into McDonalds restaurant in London Road, claiming he was being chased by a gunman.

Later on Sunday evening a man was arrested in Queen's Road, Camberley, on suspicion of firearms offences.

He was taken to the town's police station for questioning.