The Camberley Half Marathon will not be staged this year evem though it has been advertised in running magazines.

The reason is that too few people have come forward to help organise the event, which has raised over £100,000 in the past 18 years for local charities and groups.

But the event may be resurrected in 2004. Some people have already volunteered their services, but the race will only take place if more help is forthcoming.

Three more people are needed with secretarial and computer skills, publicity experience and contacts with local businesses. They will have to be willing to attend no more than twelve meetings throughout the year. They also have to be available on the first weekend in March.

Readers who would like to volunteer should contact Martin Goodway, race director, on 01276 24708.

Said Martin: "I am looking forward to receiving your call so don't let the largest sports event in Surrey Heath die for lack of helpers. We will make a decision this month, so time is of the essence."