TWO young men received hospital treatment for minor head injuries after being robbed at Camberley during the early hours of Saturday.

The pair, aged 16 and 19, were walking along Gordon Road at 1.20am when they were set upon by two thugs.

Their attackers punched and kicked them to the ground before stealing a total of £55 in cash and a pair of designer spectacles.

Both robbers were white and aged 20 to 30. One was over 6ft tall, well built with short fair hair.

He was wearing a long sleeve red rugby shirt with a dark blue band, and dark track suit bottoms.

His accomplice was 5ft 7in tall with dark hair and a stubbly chin. He was wearing a white "New York Yankees" baseball cap, a white tracksuit top and dark blue jeans.

WPC Nicola Jepp, of Camberley police, has appealed for information from anyone who recognises the descriptions.She can be contacted on 0845 125 2222.