POLICE are appealing for help in tracing vandals who are causing mayhem on a Camberley housing estate.

They hope that local gossip will lead them to youngsters who have gone on the rampage at Old Dean in recent weeks.

Officers are convinced some residents know the names of the wreckers.

In the past few weeks yobs have:

**Set light to a minibus, reducing it to a charred shell, at Cordwalles Middle School, where a large number of windows have also been smashed.

** Shattered windows at the nearby Old Dean Surgery in Berkshire Road.

** Smashed ground floor windows at Collingwood College, causing £25,000 worth of damage.

Last week Cordwalles Middle School headteacher Mrs Michele Knight told the Star the wreckers had left everyone "fed up and despondent".

She said the loss of the minibus would have a major impact on the school's summer term programme.

Equally fed up was Collingwood College principal Jerry Oddie who said: "My colleagues and I are devastated by the scale of vandalism we have suffered."

The hooligans, he continued, did not seem to understand the demoralising effect they had on both students and staff.

"When the college is facing a major shortfall in its income, a bill for £25,000 for replacement windows is not what we need," he added.

Police believe that a gang of children, both boys and girls aged about 12, were responsible for the minibus arson.

And they are looking for four white youths, aged 14-16, in connection with the Collingwood College vandalism

Detective Sergeant Nick Pinkerton, of Camberley CID, said he hoped video footage might help catch those responsible.

"We are also keen to hear from anyone who may have seen anything or thinks they know who might be responsible," he added.

Witnesses should contact him on 0845 125 2222, or call Crimestoppers anonymously and free of charge on 0800 555 111.

**Camberley police spokeswoman Judy Williams said that a 14-year-old youth had been arrested in connection with criminal damage on the Old Dean estate. He was released on bail.