CAMBERLEY MP Nick Hawkins has called for a safer and fairer asylum system to safeguard the interests of the genuine refugee and of the British public.

He has called on the Government to take action to secure the country's borders at this time of heightened tension and set out a series of proposals to improve the asylum system over the long term.

Mr Hawkins, MP for Surrey Heath, said: "I am our shadow minister dealing with national security issues, working with the Shadow Home Secretary, Oliver Letwin MP.

"It is the first duty of any Government to protect the public. It seems increasingly clear that we no longer know who is walking the streets of our towns and cities.

"The Government must take immediate action to introduce 24-hour a day monitoring of all ports of entry and should ensure that no person is allowed to walk the streets of the UK until they have been properly vetted by the security services."

He continued: "We also need a safer and fairer asylum system in the long term, where the genuine refugee is helped and the impostor is not. The next Conservative Government will therefore introduce small ‘one-stop' accommodation centres for all new arrivals so that their applications can be processed quickly and efficiently.

"We will also look again at the international conventions relating to asylum, as it is clearly absurd that Britain should have to grant refugee status to people such as Taliban fighters who have recently been trying to kill our own troops.

"As Shadow Home Office Minister I have been heavily involved in these policies."