A 20mph limit will not be brought in on an Aldershot road where a toddler was hit by a car any time in the near future.

However, some progress is being made in a campaign for safer streets, with pilot 20mph limit schemes springing up across the county.

Jessica Lambe, mother of Tilly, the child hit in Belle Vue Road on Sunday March 23, said local councillors were doing everything they could to reduce speeds outside schools in the town, although a lower limit will not be introduced this year.

Three-year-old Tilly was placed in an induced coma for a week and is continuing to recover at The Children’s Trust’s brain injury rehabilitation unit in Tadworth.

She is due to come home on June 26 and needs to learn how to walk, talk and eat again, however her mum said her progress was “amazing” and she could not wait to get her home.

After the crash, Kerry Davies, whose child attends Maple Vue Nursery with Tilly, handed over a petition to Hampshire County Council containing almost 1,000 signatures and calling for a 20mph speed limit in Belle Vue Road - which often has cars double parked, restricting visibility for drivers.

Kerry Davies handing the petition to Councillor Frank Rust

Miss Davies has now received a response to the petition from Councillor Sean Woodward, executive member for economy, transport and environment, stating that pilot 20mph programmes are currently in place elsewhere and would be assessed in the coming year and, if effective, could be rolled out elsewhere too.

Trials of the 20mph speed limits, which began in December, are taking place in residential areas across the county, with Rushmoor’s in North Camp and Hart’s in Fleet.

Cllr Woodward has also asked officers to complete traffic surveys in Belle Vue Road.

His response stated: “I understand the depth of feeling where the safety of children is concerned, particularly near schools, and the petition demonstrates local concern about this issue.

“The traffic surveys proposed will help to give a picture of the problem and from there, officers can work with local representatives to consider appropriate improvements and prioritise them for inclusion in funded work programmes.”

Jessica added: “Tilly’s accident wasn’t because of someone speeding but I do think the speed limits should be changed near all schools.

“I’m happy with the response and the council is doing everything it can.”

North Town borough councillors said they would continue to support residents in their 20mph campaign.