Campaigners have welcomed a speed limit cut along a section of a double fatal crash road, but say it needs to be extended.

Winchfield Parish Council has been pushing for a speed reduction along the B3016 between Hartley Wintney and Odiham and was encouraged when 50mph signs were recently erected.

But campaigners say the new limit needs to cover the whole length of the road.

Kevin Spurgeon, who runs Dignity Pet Crematorium, said: “I was gobsmacked to see the appearance of new road signs encouraging motorists to accelerate from 50mph to 60mph into what is a notorious bend on the B3016 Odiham Road outside our crematorium.

“Whilst I and other residents fully support Hampshire County Council in trying to make roads safer, they have effectively done the opposite and displayed a complete lack of common sense in locating the signs at the entrance to a dangerous bend rather than at the end of it.

'Defies all logic'

“What makes the matter worse is that the new signs are going to cause confusion to motorists as they completely contradict the advice to SLOW that the county council has painted on the road 50 yards further up. It defies all logic.

“The best thing they can do is remove the new signs and then talk to the parish council about siting them in the position that will make the road safer.

“Anyone who knows the road will see that the current location of the signs makes the bend, which has had several speed-related accidents on it, more dangerous.”

Winchfield Parish Council chairman Andrew Renshaw
Winchfield Parish Council chairman Andrew Renshaw

Winchfield Parish Council chairman Andrew Renshaw said: “It is good that after 30 years of campaigning for a speed limit we have finally got one. But it is very disappointing that it is not along the whole stretch of the road.

“I am really worried that the speed limit ends for traffic coming from Hartley Wintney at precisely the point where there have been many accidents and the road is most dangerous.

“There are turnings for both the pet crematorium and Winchfield Court Farm where drivers are now being told by the signs that it is ok to speed up.”

Cllr Renshaw admitted he had missed Hampshire’s notification about the limit.

Double fatality

“I confess that I did not see this, else we might have been able to change it,” he added. “It’s a pity, though, that highways officials did not discuss this with the parish council and residents.

“Nine years ago after a tragic double fatality here, police interviewed me and our clerk about the road conditions.

“Proper dialogue is the way forward and the parish council will continue to press for the limit to be imposed along the whole road.”

A spokesperson for Hampshire County Council said: “We do not believe that the new signs convey mixed messages by being placed alongside the existing SLOW road marking, as this marking and the associated warning sign for the side road ahead both face northbound traffic.”