A DESIGN engineer at BAE Systems in Farnborough who had a history of self-harm was found drowned in the Basingstoke Canal, an inquest heard on Monday.

Andrew Moyes, 37, had been missing for three weeks before his body was spotted n December 22 last year.

The Basingstoke inquest heard that although Mr Moyes, a father-of-two from Hounslow, had attempted to commit suicide in 1998, there were no evident signs of depression.

Coroner Andrew Badley read a statement from Mr Moyes’s wife, Lorna.

She said that although her husband enjoyed working for the Farnborough company, at times he found it stressful.

At the time of his disappearance he was having problems sleeping and said that he was very busy at work.

Although Mr Moyes did not work on Sundays, on November 24 he told his wife that he needed to go into the office.

When she rang the office that afternoon, she was told he had left at 2pm. By 6pm he had still not returned home.

Mrs Moyes contacted the police and reported her husband as missing.

It later emerged that he had booked into the Swan Hotel on the Farnborough Road at 2.30pm on the Sunday.

Andrew Bradley read a statement from Ishwarh Ramizala, a good friend of Mr Moyes. He said that he did not feel Mr Moyes was hiding anything but that he had been very busy at work.

On Wednesday November 27 he had driven to Farnborough with Mrs Moyes to search for her husband.

They spotted his car outside the Falcon Hotel but further inquiries failed to shed any light on his whereabouts.

Recording an open verdict, Andrew Bradley said there was not sufficient proof to say if Mr Moyes had committed suicide.

“I need to be satisfied that he intended to die. That is quite difficult because he is not a readable book.

“It is quite clear that he left home and he was disturbed and was upset or unbalanced. He is not sleeping properly and then he makes an excuse and leaves home.”

“He is clearly drowned and there are no signs of any struggle. I cannot tell you why he was dead. I am not going to find a suicide verdict.”