TERRIFIED residents have been left in a state of shock after a car careered out of control and smashed into a house at Blackbushe on Sunday evening.

They say it was a miracle no one was killed as the Renault ploughed through two gardens, wrecking a hedge and demolishing two fences and a rotary washing line

The dramatic crash happened when the woman driver lost control of the car, which careered from Rosemary Lane into the back gardens of two homes in Foxley Close.

Pensioner Norman Hanmore, who lives in one of the houses, said: "Something has to be done to slow down the traffic…this accident frightened the life out of us.

"I had just got out of the bath when I heard this tremendous crash. I looked out and saw the car in the next-door-neighbour's garden."

He added: "I'm so thankful I wasn't pottering about in the garden because it's almost certain I would have been killed."

Two men and two women, one said to be pregnant, were in the Renault when it left the road at about 8.30pm.

The vehicle clipped the kerb, shot across the pavement and over a grassy bank before demolishing a wooden fence fronting the home of 65-year-old Mr Hanmore and his wife Gillian.

It ploughed on through a hedge, careered across their lawn and clipped the patio before smashing through another fence and into his neighbour's garden.

The car then collided with a rotary washing line, leaving it lying on the ground, before hitting the back wall of Ted and Betty Grover's house.

According to the two families those in the car became abusive and revved up the engine in a desperate bid to reverse out of the garden.

But the Renault refused to budge and all four occupants, none of whom were seriously injured, were taken away under police escort in an ambulance.

Mr and Mrs Grover, both in their 70s, were sitting down to watch television when the car hit their lounge wall.

"It made a tremendous noise," said Mr Grover. "I couldn't believe it when I saw this white Renault, with its engine smoking, in our garden.

"We are both in our 70s and we were both shaking afterwards…at our age you can do without that sort of thing."

The couple are just thankful that the impact did not cause any structural damage to their home.

Pictured: Ted Grover (left) and Norman Hanmore after a white Renault ploughed through both their gardens, smashing through two fences and whacking into Ted's home.