OWNERS of top-of-the range cars in the Star area have been warned to be on their guard following the area's first carjacking.

Until now criminals responsible for stealing such vehicles at gun or knifepoint have confined their activities to the London area.

But police believe the theft of a £28,000 BMW convertible at Yateley on Saturday night signals that the villains intend spreading their activities to the "wealthy" commuter belt.

Detective Sergeant Alan Hastings, of Aldershot police, said the woman victim lived in the sort of nice area which "these people are targeting".

The unnamed woman found herself staring down the barrel of a gun as she parked her BMW Z3 on the driveway of her £300,000 home at 11.45pm.

She sat for a couple of minutes listening to a CD which had been playing during her journey home from a Reading cinema.

As she opened the central locking an armed man suddenly appeared by the driver's door and shouted at her to get out of the car.

His accomplice, at almost the same time, appeared from out of some fir trees and clambered into the passenger seat beside her.

The woman, aged 38 and single, is quoted as saying: "I have never been so frightened in my life. The gunman again ordered me out of the car and I got out. I was screaming."

She stood petrified on the driveway as the carjackers sped off in her soft top car - reg no S1WGW.According to DS Hastings the two men had been seen lurking in a neighbour's garden just before they struck.

They were described as Afro-Caribbean, in their early 20s and about 5ft 8in tall. Both wore hooded jackets and one spoke with a London accent."The neighbour who spotted them had just called the police when the incident happened," added DS Hastings.