Charity supporters were “disgusted” to find they had been given car parking tickets following a charity event for a fallen soldier.

On Monday (May 5), Hart District Council issued seven vehicles with parking tickets along the A30 outside The Ely, the morning after the venue’s popular Party in the Car Park event.

Held for the last three years in aid of Adam’s Hoofing Hut, a charity in memory of Yateley marine Adam Brown who was killed in Afghanistan in 2010, supporters had never received a parking ticket until now.

Ellie Clement, from Yateley, said she was “flabbergasted” to have received a parking ticket following the event that raised money for a charity so close to her heart.

“Adam was my other half’s brother,” she said. “This event is to raise money in memory of a fallen serviceman who has given his life for ours and without people like him there wouldn’t even be Hart Council existing as none of us would be here.

“It is absolutely disgusting and I am mortified to have to live in Hart with such behaviour.”

Party in the Car Park has such a large turn out every year, there are always many cars parked along the verges of the A30.

The council has received 33 posts on its Facebook page from members of the public who are angry and disappointed that motorists would now face fines of up to £70.

Jacqueline Cleal posted: “I could understand if it was just a massive party but it was a charity event and for a local man.”

Anne Hayward said: “They really have overstepped the mark here.

“Next time this event is on, a lot of people may be put off from attending because they will not want to drink and drive and they will not want to get a parking ticket.”

Parking tickets were issued between 9.47am and 10.05am on Bank Holiday Monday.

A council spokesmen said: “The A30 is a fast (60mph) stretch of single carriageway road on which there have been numerous serious accidents over the years.

“It is a designated clearway, on which all stopping is prohibited. It is also very busy and carries a high volume of fast moving traffic, both cars and heavy goods vehicles.

“The cars were parked well out into the roadway, and passing large vehicles would have had to pull out into another lane to overtake them.

“This was thus a dangerous place to park, not just for the drivers of the parked cars themselves, but for anyone else coming along the road.

“We are concerned at the suggestion that the organisers of the event advised the car drivers to park there, and will be speaking to them to ensure they understand the dangers involved and do not give similar advice in future.

“If the event has overgrown the venue then we can work alongside the organisers and parish council to assist in suggesting an alternative venue or parking arrangements to prevent this from happening in the future.”