A talented Aldershot chef served up a sophisticated dish to some of the country's most senior chefs but just missed out on winning a national competition.

Scott Dineen, 25, competed in the finals of the Roux Scholarship on Monday (April 14) at Westminster College in London, alongside five other competitors.

But some under-cooked cabbage contributed to his failure to take home the top prize of £5,000 plus training at a three-star Michelin restaurant of his choice.

The Roux Scholarship is an annual competition run by brothers Albert and Michel Roux Jr, to enable the next generation of chefs to train in the greatest restaurants in the world.

The brothers were among a host of celebrity chefs judging the finals, including Angela Hartnett, James Martin and Gary Rhodes.

Scott lives in Frederick Street with his partner Katie Yates and three-year-old son Jack and works as a senior sous chef at London-based fine dining catering company BaxterStorey.

He said his oven twice lost temperature on the day and that he had struggled with some of the challenging techniques involved to create the classic French dish - quail, sweet bread and cabbage chatrousse.

"I had never even heard of the dish before," he admitted. "It's not heard of in a modern-day kitchen.

"Certain techniques I did know but it was all up in the air for most of the contestants."

Scott had to come through regional heats in the competition , including pitting his recipe for a saddle of venison against 17 other contestants last month.

He said the good feedback he had received had encouraged him to apply again next year.

He said: "It was an extraordinarily tough culinary journey and all sorts of emotions run through you.

"It was a phenomenal experience and I'll be back next year."