Could you give a bed to a Chernobyl child for a month?

Yateley/Farnborough Link Group is once again bringing a group of 10 - 13 year old Belarus children to Britain for a month of respite and feeding up.

The visit will be from Feb 9 to March 9 next year when the winter in Belarus is often at its worst and food is scarce.

Many of the children suffer from cancers affecting the thyroid, heart, liver or other vital organs. While here their low immune systems benefit from clean air, food and water and and it is thought that the four week visit can extend their lives by up to two years.

They also receive dental treatment which brings relief from long standing pain and infection for some of the children.They are given donated clothes and taken on outings The children go round in a group each day with their translator.

Anyone who would like to open their home to a child should ring Colin Williams, link group chairman, on 01252 642277.