Check! Local chess fans are invited to try to turn the tables and check the champ in a brain teasing event at Main Square, Camberley.

Andrew Martin, an International Master in the chess world, will be playing a "simultaneous exhibition" . This means he will take on up to 40 other players at the same time, going from game to game.

Anyone can join in for a game on the big day.

Andrew is well qualified for this feat of intellectual prowess, having won numerous victories against grand masters including Michael Adams, who for the last few years has ranked among the top half dozen players in the world.

Andrew is the chief coach of the national junior squad and teaches in six schools.

He is also a member of the Camberley Chess Club which meets at 7:30pm every Tuesday at the Camberley Baptist Church in Frimley Road (new members welcome).

He was taught to play at the age of six by his father, but did not really get into the game until he joined the chess club at his East London grammar school.

Can he really compete in 40 games at once? "It's not too difficult; it sounds more difficult than it is," he said modestly.

Andrew lives at Sandhurst with his wife Alison and four children - David (11), Matthew (10), Sophie (7) and Kathryn (3). Matthew and Sophie are already playing in tournaments.

The big match is on Saturday, Feb 16, between 10am and 5pm in the mall.