ELVETHAM Road’s controversial chicanes look set to stay despite a string of protests from councillors and motorists.

The Fleet scheme again came under fire at the latest meeting of the Hart highway management advisory panel.

At the meeting, held at Hart Council’s headquarters in Fleet, Cllr Denis Gotel set out to show ‘the numerous flaws’ in a consultants’ report drawn up by WS Atkins which called for the chicanes to stay.

He also tried to show photographs and a short film demonstrating the hazards of the scheme but the evidence was dismissed as the consultants were not present to defend themselves.

“The report is very disappointing,” said Cllr Gotel after the meeting.

“The consultants have simply not appreciated the dangers inherent in causing traffic moving at speeds of 30mph and more to be directed on to the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic.”

Cllr Gotel, who took the picture on the left, spent two weeks producing a 21-page report on the chicanes after posting 400 questionnaires to people living in and around Elvetham Road.

A total of 216 were returned completed, with the majority slamming the scheme.

Many claimed it had turned a quiet back road into a driving nightmare.

One resident said someone would be killed if the chicanes were not removed.

Cllr Sean Holden, who also attacked the chicanes during the meeting, put forward a motion that the panel called for their immediate removal.

“The motion was passed but the chairman then said he had received an e-mail from the county councillor in charge of the scheme saying he would not consider removing them,” said Cllr Holden, who branded the consultants’ report “a complete waste of time and money”.

“That is in defiance of everyone living in the town as we haven’t found anyone who is in favour of them.

“The chicanes should go because they are dangerous.

“In the three years before the chicanes were built there were two injury accidents but in the six months after they were introduced there was already one injury accident.

“That accident was as a direct result of the chicanes because a car had stopped to give way and another car came up behind and hit it.

“Hart Council has already passed a motion calling for the chicanes to be removed immediately and now the county council’s own liaison panel has recommended they go. I hope the county council act on this because if they don’t there will be trouble.”