I REFER to Roger Booth's letter on the chicanes in Elvetham Road.

As someone who once lived there, and now lives near Reading Road North, I am well aware of the need to curb the excessive speed of traffic on these roads.

However I agree wholeheartedly that chicanes are not the answer.

They undoubtedly slow the traffic but they also hold it up, hence the driver frustration and confusion.

Any pedestrian brave enough to walk along Reading Road North cannot but be impressed by the efficacy of the experimental road surface installed near the 30 limit sign. At what cost I wonder?

Most of the residents on or needing access to Reading Road North feel that it should be entirely within the 30 limit. At least then there might be a chance that speeds would be reduced nearer to 40.

Although ramps are also disliked, properly designed they effectively reduce speed to the level required without delaying traffic; witness the ramps in Government Road, Ash Vale.

Most people who have had dealings with Hart Council, either the bureaucrats or politicians, will know that they do not seem over-endowed with common sense.

John Cain, The Avenue, Fleet.