IT is no surprise that Surrey Heath Council finds itself in financial difficulties.

For some years now its financial director has warned that in previous years, by holding council tax down below the rate of inflation, its chickens would come home to roost in the end, and so it has happened.

Last year the council spent £750,000 providing and maintaining cars for 65 members of staff, who live outside the borough, to come to work - and at the same time increasing the price of meals to OAPs attending the Ian Goodchild Centre.

Next year the council is implementing a "stealth" tax by way of increased car parking fees and charging parking fees on Sundays.

This council, like the last Tory government, is devoid of financial expertise and sooner or later we will be faced with not a 17.5% rise in council tax, but much more.

Once again the council's scapegoat is the government.

It would be appreciated if the council will name the government initiatives which cause the 17.5% increase in council tax.

No, it is not the government but the council's mismanagement of the public's money, which it is there to protect.

FE Holt, Cairn Close, Camberley.