TWO children stole £600 in cash from a Camberley store last Friday while their mothers distracted staff.

The pair took the money from a safe after sneaking into an office at Dreams bed store in the High Street.

They went into the shop with their parents who chatted to staff on the pretext of wanting to buy a bed.

Staff were unaware the money had been stolen until sometime later.

One of the children is described as being aged about 10 with fair hair tied in a pony tail. She was wearing a light coloured top and pale blue knee length shorts. Police have only a vague description of her accomplice. Both women were in their 40s. One, who was heavily made up, had reddish hair tied on top in curls. She was wearing a stone coloured jacket and leopard skin trousers.

Her friend had long brown greying hair tied in a pony tail. She was wearing a blue jacket and trousers.

It is the second time in recent months that children have been used to steal money from a Camberley shop. The previous incident was at Contessa.

Judy Williams, Camberley police press officer, said: "At present we don't believe the same children were responsible for both thefts." She warned shop staff to be on their guard for similar attempts to steal cash. "It could well happen again," said Mrs Williams.

Police have appealed for information from anyone who was in the High Street at lunch-time last Friday when the youngsters struck. Witnesses should ring Camberley police on 01276 27131.