IT was back to the 19th century as the children of Shawfield Primary School took part in a Victorian project.

Pupils at the Ash school spent a day as Victorian pupils may have done more than 100 years ago.

They even donned Victorian costume to add a sense of realism.

Senior teacher Anne Williams explained: "We are studying the Victorians as a school project, so we wanted to give the children an idea what it was like to be a Victorian child."

She explained that the children had to sit in rows instead of their normal groups and recite their times tables.

The strict classroom discipline of those days was also on grim display. "Certain children pretended to be caned if they spoke out of turn," she said.

Mrs Williams explained how the children's lunch was like those school pupils could have eaten in 1892.

"There were no crisps and things like that. They had big chunks of bread, cheese, apple and a barley sugar at the end."