A NINE-YEAR-OLD girl watched in horror as her beloved dog was torn to pieces in the jaws of a killer hound.

Young Kathryn Roke could do nothing to stop the beast when it seized her defenceless Jack Russell as they walked on playing fields in Ash last Tuesday morning.

The stocky black terrier sank its teeth into 13-year-old Snowy, left, before throwing him around like a rag doll.

And after the owner finally managed to prize the blood-crazed animal off its victim's lifeless body, Kathryn's mum Angela claims he simply ordered the young girl home.

Mrs Roke, 36, of Heathcote Road, said the two dogs began playing when they met on the field off Old School Close at around 8.45am.

"The next thing that happened was just so unbelievable."

Mrs Roke said the larger dog gripped Snowy in its jaws and hurled him into the air.

"A postwoman who saw the incident said she thought the dog had a teddy bear in its mouth.

"The owner of the dog eventually caught up with his animal, started shouting and then got hold of it.

"But by that time Snowy lay on the ground as if unconscious and the man ordered my daughter to take him home."

The devastated family rushed Snowy to a vet but his heart had been crushed and he was already dead.

Now Mrs Roke is calling for the dog to be caught before it strikes again. And she warned that next time the victim could be a child.

"The worse thing is that this man didn't even have the decency to stop and check to see what state the dog was in," she said.

"This time it was my dog that died, but next time it could be a child that will be seriously hurt."

Parish councillor Julia Marshall said similar attacks have happened in the past, adding: "Something has got to be done.

"That is an open field that is for everyone's pleasure and you should be able to walk your dog safely.

"It could have attacked the little girl as she picked up her Jack Russell."

The dog owner was white, around 5ft 8ins tall with short, grey hair. He was wearing dark trousers and a light coloured jumper.

He could face prosecution under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

A police spokeswoman said: "We are liaising with the RSPCA, local residents and the local beat officers because they may know who the dog belongs to."

Witnesses are asked to contact Surrey police on 01483 531111.