You can now do your shopping on the Internet on a site run by Rushmoor Choir. The choir earns a commission of between 2 - 8% of the purchase value of each item, but the consumer just pays the ordinary price.

The site to log on to is and the range of items includes goods from Marks and Spencer, the Co-op, Blackwell's, Comet and company Travelselect.

Said the choir's assistant musical director, Mike Ford: "Purchases by supporters will generate significant revenue for us - the average commission per transaction is over £2. We encourage everybody to try the site, as it makes no difference to them, but a real difference to us.

"Even businesses can help us by making their business purchases through this site."

This opportunity is available to all community groups and they can join at

Other participating groups include schools, sports and arts groups and charities such as the British Legion.