IT was good to see the feature ‘Glory days of St George's' (May 30) in Ken Clarke's series, and it would be fair to say that this well-loved town centre church (designed by Arnold Hoole in the ‘Early English' style) is affectionately remembered by many of Camberley's older families — as are the circumstances under which its closure in December 1966 was brought about.

Although closure occurred (in as much as church services were discontinued) in the days prior to the 1968 Pastoral Measure, it is significant, in the learned study of Pastoral Reorganisation, that Saint George's Church was not officially declared redundant (as a Section 46 case) until nearly six years later, on October 27, 1972, by Order in Council. Thankfully the existing legal framework of the Established Church does not provide for evolving church redundancy cases in this way, the emphasis being clearly upon wide consultation and correct procedural form.

Incidentally my grandparents were present at the consecration in 1893 and six of their children (including my father) were at the closing service, 73 years later.

The demolition of this church was carried out in March 1973, not ‘about 1968' as stated.

David E Gillmam

(A former worshipper) West Avenue

Clarendon Park