A DREAM job on a luxury cruise ship has been landed by 21-year-old Gemma Randall.

Gemma was chosen from nearly 2,000 applicants to play the part of Cinderella on the Disney Magic liner, which takes holidaymakers from Florida around the Caribbean and to Mexico.

She will spend the day meeting and greeting passengers on the decks and in the evening take part in the shows, all in character as Cinderella.

Gemma, who lives in Monteagle Lane, Yateley, was educated at Hawley Place School and from the ages of 13 to 16 was at the Renton Dance Studio in Farnborough.

She then went on to Performers Dance College in Essex for two years and spent a further two years at the famous Redroofs Drama School in Maidenhead, where a former student is top star Kate Winslett.

To gain experience actress, dancer and singer Gemma went to Thorpe Park as a ranger last year.

“I was dressed in a bear costume and it did get hot but I loved the whole experience,” she said.

“With my new job it will be great not to have my head covered up!”

She saw the advert for the Cinderella role in trade magazine The Stage and joined another 400 hopefuls at auditions in London.

Hundreds of girls were also interviewed in Sydney and New York.

The Disney Corporation took personality and ability to get on well with all sorts of people into consideration as well as acting talent.

“I was simply over the moon when I heard I had been chosen,” said Gemma.

“It is a wonderful opportunity and I am looking forward to it so much.”

She goes to Toronto later this month for a two-month rehearsal period before joining the ship on May 15.

“I have never been on a cruise before and I am sure it will be a terrific experience,” said Gemma. “I think it will be hard work but I will be to busy to be homesick.”

Her long term ambition is to be in a West End show or on TV.

“In this business, we’ll just see what comes along,” she said.

While she is between jobs, Gemma has been helping out at mum Moira’s shop Flashdance in North Camp, which sells gym and dance wear.