A MOTORIST claims he was "stitched up" by a clamping company when he parked his Nissan Almeira at Aldershot.

Michael Dye alleged there was no sign to warn him that his car would be clamped if he used the private car park in Arthur Street.

But when he returned a few minutes later, he said, a sign had been fixed to the wall of an adjoining house, and his car had been clamped.

"I'm really annoyed at being treated like this," said Mr Dye, a 23-year-old chef, of Haining Gardens, Mytchett.

"I've used the car park 20 or 30 times before and there's never been a problem, in fact a traffic warden once told me it was all right to park there."

A police officer intervened when he tried to remove the clamp, and he was left with no option but to pay the £80 release fee.

His story has been backed by the owner of the house, Julian Brown, who became involved in the argument with the clamper. Mr Brown said he was certain the sign wasn't displayed on the wall when Mr Dye pulled in.

To his amazement the clamper, when challenged, said his company had written permission from the house owner to display the notice on the wall.

"I told him I was the owner of the house, and I certainly hadn't given permission for them to use my wall," Mr Brown continued.

"I ripped down the plastic notice and gave it to him. They've put it on a wire fence now." A spokesman for the Fleet-based company at the centre of the row - Southern Car Clamping - insisted on Monday that the sign was on the wall when Mr Dye parked there.

"We have operated at the car park for the past seven years, and have always made sure the sign is on display," he said.