Last September this newspaper reported that residents were concerned about the park being used as a meeting place for homosexual men — a young male prostitute in particular.

Resident Clive Morgan, of Prospect Road, had witnessed several smartly dressed men being followed into the public toilets by a man who had watched them from a nearby telephone box.

At the time, Mr Morgan said: “Two men have also been caught performing indecent acts in the toilets.

“I won’t let my two sons anywhere near them.”

The park was also being targeted by vandals, who persistently attacked the only lamppost in the area, leaving the park unlit most evenings, and wrecking the roof of the toilets.

Unconfirmed reports said that the lamppost was being targeted by drug dealers who didn’t want their actions illuminated.

This week, though, police revealed that their war on bad behaviour was being scaled down, with officers claiming the area had been cleaned up.

“We have closed down our action at Cove Green,” confirmed community beat Sgt Darren Murphy.

“There have been no more problems there and we haven’t received any more complaints from the residents.”

“Signs were put up at the toilets warning people that the area was under surveillance and frequently patrolled by police,” explained Sgt Murphy.

“There have also been alterations to the toilets which have deterred people from hanging around there.”

The toilets are attached to the pavilion and are due to be redeveloped as a free-standing block, which will deter any unwarranted activity.

The lobby, where people wash and dry their hands, will also be removed as it provides too much room for people to hide away.

Graham Hunt, cleansing officer at Rushmoor Borough Council said: “We are hoping to get approval for the plans this year.

“The redesigning will make them more obvious and reduce the problems of men meeting inside.

“We want to stop them being able to hide, so the doors will face the open air.”

Measures taken in the meantime include sawing off the bottom of the toilet doors and fixing warning notices on the walls.

The same action was also taken with the public toilets at Manor Park in Aldershot, which were experiencing similar problems with homosexual men.

Since they have been rebuilt there have been no further problems.