A PURGE on rubbish has been carried out in Farnborough and Aldershot.

Service Team, the council's new contractors, carried out a clean-up in some of the borough's parks and open spaces recently.

Service Team staff worked out of normal hours to show their commitment to the borough. Councillors Francis Will-iams and David Clifford, two of the recently elected Aldershot councillors decided to show their commitment too, by lending a hand in Aldershot's Municipal Gardens. Another team tackled Hazel Avenue, Cove.

Despite the wet weather the event was a great success. In the Municipal Gardens alone over five tonnes of rubbish was removed including a fridge and several rolls of carpet.

The staff and councillors could not believe that in the middle of clearing up the park a dog walker stopped in front of them to let their dog foul in the park. The owner was promptly warned and made to clear up the dog's mess.

Pictured: Coun Francis Williams (third right) and Coun David Clifford (second left) with the Service

Team staff including Phil Walker (second right)