I AM writing to ask for the help of your readers in tracking down former cast members of the Court Moor Palace of Varieties.

The Palace of Varieties opened its doors at Court Moor School for the first time in May 1983 and our show this year will therefore be our 20th.

Over the years we have become a regular and important part of the Court Moor School Society's fundraising efforts and raised more than £2,000 for the school in 2001 as well as putting on shows for other local charities. Details can be found on our website.

We want to mark the occasion of the 20th season by inviting as many as possible of the 211 people who have appeared in the show to date to join us in the audience on Saturday June 15 and to celebrate with us after the show.

Unfortunately we have lost touch with about 60 of them. Some of them will have moved away, some of them will have married and changed their names.

If you are one of them — or know someone who is — then please contact us at Courtmoor Palace of Varieties, 64 Dinorben Avenue, Fleet, Hampshire GU52 7SH, or visit our website at www.paine.org/home/john.paine/pov.htm and e-mail us.

We are planning a memorable evening. We hope you will be there.

John R Paine, address as above.