A CONCERNED Farnborough resident is calling for action to be taken over a dumped caravan that is believed to be a haunt for drug addicts.

Nicola Walker, of Minley Road, spoke to the News after claiming she received a disappointing response from the civilian and military police and Rushmoor Borough Council.

Confusion over who owns the land where the abandoned caravan lies meant Miss Walker could not find out whose responsibility it was to move it.

She said: "It has been there since October and the inevitable has happened with it now being used by drug addicts.

"I told the police and they had a look in it and it's full of needles and empty bottles of methadone.

"We have informed the council and the MoD police and they gave the man living there until the weekend to move out but that was more than a week ago."

She added: "It's right next to a children's play area so I am obviously concerned for their safety.

"I don't think it's very professional of the council to pass it on to someone else. I think it's appalling really.

"No-one seems to know who the land belongs to and whose responsibility it is. I've even looked into getting it moved myself but it is a lot of money. I pay my council tax and don't feel it's my responsibility really."

A spokesman for Rushmoor's Highways department said they were dealing with the caravan but had to follow the correct procedure.

He said: "Our information is that this piece of land is still military land. We notified them on December 17 that we had received the complaint.

"We then got a phone call on February 11, another complaint from a resident, about the caravan.

"We can't just go onto private land and remove the caravan because for all we know the military may have given permission for it to be there.

"First of all we have to serve a notice on the landowner, which we have fixed to the caravan, to say it is our intention to move it.

"We will be treating this as an abandoned vehicle and it will be moved but we have to follow the proper steps. It usually takes about three weeks."

He added: "The fact that there may be someone living in it will complicate matters but we will do our utmost to help and do what we can to get it moved."

Sergeant Bob Wright, of the MoD's Aldershot Area Police Team, admitted there had been some confusion about who owned the land following the sale of some of the estate to a developer.

But he confirmed it was under MoD control and action would be taken.

He said: "The state of play is that it is a very dilapidated caravan. There has been someone sleeping in it but as far as we know he is gone now.

"Our night shift goes round there on patrol and we're not aware of any trouble there.

"On February 14 we asked Defence Lands to move it but, like everything else, it takes time.

"It can take anything from a month or two, even if there is no-one living in there but I will chase them up."