DELIGHT turned to despair last week for Mrs Gill Milstead, the Sandhurst school secretary who fell foul of Ken Livingstone's congestion charge.

She was pleased to receive a Transport for London letter waiving the £80 penalty after the Star highlighted that she had been wrongly fined.

But she was flabbergasted when, in the same post, she received a new penalty notice for exactly the same incident.

"I couldn't believe it when I opened the second envelope," said Mrs Milstead at her home in Moray Avenue, College Town, Sandhurst.

"I don't know what Transport for London are playing at. Their administration seems a complete mess.

"First they tell me they have waived the penalty, and then they send me a second notice. I don't know where I am now."

She said the congestion charge set-up was such a shambles that it couldn't even get her name and address right on the second notice.

The paperwork referred to her as Mrs Gill Mills, and both "Sandhurst" and the post code were missing from the address.

As with the original notice, it claimed she had driven her Renault Megane along the Old Kent Road without paying the £5 congestion fee.

Mrs Milstead proved that she had been working at Crowthorne primary school at the time, and that she had been the victim of a cloned number plate.

A London for Transport spokeswoman said: "We can only apologise for what appears to have been a mix-up.

"But we are dealing with thousands of motorists a day, and we are doing our best to avoid these sort of gliches."

She advised Mrs Milstead to photocopy both notices and send them to the appeals department. "I'm sure it will be sorted out to her satisfaction," added the spokeswoman.