A special appearance by a teacher who helped shape the futures of students in Aldershot lit up The Connaught School prom at the Farnham Maltings.

Pupils arrived in style to the prom in the usual array of classic cars, limousines and camper vans, to celebrate leaving their exams behind while bidding farewell to some old friends.

But it was the appearance of head of Year 11, Anita Horner, that was one of the most memorable aspects of the night.

The English teacher, who has been at the school for 35 years, is retiring after battling a long illness for most of the year.

Senior teacher Richard Scarborough said: “It was like her leaving-do as well. The pupils really responded to the fact she had made the effort to be there.”

He said the cars had been a spectacular sight, saying it was always "absolutely amazing" how the limo drivers got into the Maltings car park and how many pupils would then step out of the back.

A buffet was provided on the night, followed by music and dancing.

Awards were handed out to pupils and staff at the end of the night.

Mr Scarborough added: “It was nice to see the pupils in that sort of environment.

"It’s like they've grown up between the end of their exams and that night. It’s like they're not kids anymore.”