Loud noises from a construction site in Aldershot have forced neighbouring employees to take headache pills while items vibrate across their desks.

Work to build a £4.5 million Lok’nStore self-storage warehouse in Manawey Business Park, off Holder Road, began at the start of August.

Staff at neighbouring business Saracen’s Interiors are outraged at the noise being created as the foundations are put in place, claiming their health is suffering.

Michael Page, managing director of Saracen’s which specialises in office interiors, accused Farnborough-based Lok’nStore of showing a disregard for fellow businesses in the Aldershot estate.

He said: “This is an example of a big company bulldozing local businesses without a care in the world.

“The level of noise and thudding is incessant and has caused some of our staff to be sent home due to suffering from headaches.

“Employees working on the top floor of our offices have even seen items moving across their desks.”

Other businesses on the estate said they too had experienced vibrations associated with the building work, but the fact that Saracens Interiors, which employs around 25 people, has a suspended first floor has made the problem worse there, with laptops and glasses of water seen rattling on the desks during the past two weeks.

Mr Page said he was unhappy that Lok’nStore had not forewarned them of what to expect during the work, which starts from around 7am, and said he would have expected that as a ‘courtesy’.

Charters Peugeot dealership, which neighbours the construction site, said that is had been kept informed about the work.

The new Lok’nStore building is being erected close to the Aldershot roundabout for the A331. Concrete pillars have been driven into the ground and a small number are left to add.

Lok’nStore has contributed £2.5 million to the development, while investors, including original landowner Mark Shaw, chairman of the Tritax Group, has provided £2 million.

The ‘pioneering’ approach to funding was said to show a commitment to building new stores while minimising capital outlay.

Lok’nStore declined to comment on the noise complaints from neighbouring businesses.

Letters were sent out to businesses in Manawey Business Park this week by the storage company apologising for the disruption and saying that vibration monitoring equipment was being brought onto the site to assess the scale of the issue.

It stated that results from this assessment were expected by the end of this week.

It is anticipated it will take a further five months to complete work on the building.