The parish council originally agreed consultation would involve three sites: Broadmoor (land adjacent to South Meadow), Circle Hill and the Morgan Recreation Ground.

According to residents, neither the Broadmoor or Circle Hill sites were suitable for a skatepark facility from the offset.

Residents at last week's parish council meeting claimed that Cllr Lars Swann had spent the last year "wasting time" locating possible sites for the skatepark and failed to uncover more than one.

Tony Gilbert-Johns, of Addiscombe Road, said: "The Circle Hill site is too small for the size of the skatepark.

"Permission for the Broadmoor site has not been officially granted, so the Morgan Recreation Ground is the only location left to house the skatepark.

"When the survey was circulated there was no indication of these facts or of the pros and cons of each site."

Cllr Swann denied there was only one feasible site for the skatepark and said the site next to Broadmoor was under negotiation but was still an option.

He added: "The Circle Hill site is big enough for phase one of the plans but not phase two, because it is based on a scheme designed for the Morgan Recreation site.

"We would have to reduce the size or specific design for the Circle Hill site."

A survey conducted by the council as part of the public consultation gave an overwhelming response in favour of the Morgan Recreation Ground, but residents claim to have collected more than 300 signatures against the proposed site.

According to Crowthorne Community Magazine, 5,500 copies of the survey were dispatched, with 189 responses. Of the total responses received, 53 per cent came from within Crowthorne parish, 39 per cent from Wokingham Without and eight per cent did not specify.

Mr Gilbert-Johns said residents felt the survey did not accurately reflect the views of those directly affected and had ignored the major issues.

He said: "If the council wanted a true reflection they should have gone door to door in the area because some people are still unaware of the proposal.

"I think because the survey is inaccurate and does not take into account any of the factors, such as vandalism, it should be set aside from the final decision."

Cllr Swann said that information about each site was freely available to the public, both on his website at and as a public document held at the council offices.

He said: "You would have been looking at a 30- to 40-page document if all the information was included in the survey, and there would be quite considerable cost in doing that.

"I have not yet seen a petition against the proposals at the Morgan Recreation Ground but we would have to take one into account when making a decision."

A final decision on the location of the skatepark will be made next month.