A MAJOR police operation at Camberley has resulted in six people being convicted for drugs related offences.

Their appearance at Reading Crown Court last Thursday came five months after they were arrested as part of the police's "Operation Unify".

Paul Hemsworth, 36, of Holly Road, Aldershot, pleaded guilty to five counts of supplying Class A drugs.

Abdiaziz Elmi, 33, of Southway, Camberley, admitted eight counts of supplying heroin and crack cocaine.

Edwin Torgerson, 37, and Kevin Blake, 22, both of Victoria Court, Victoria Avenue, Camberley, and James Anderson, 26, of Old Dean Road, Camberley, each pleaded guilty to one count of supplying crack cocaine.

Elmi was remanded in custody and the other four have been remanded on unconditional bail. They will be sentenced later this year.

The sixth defendant, Gordon Morrison-Jackson, 28, of London Road, Camberley, was sent to prison for 12 months after he admitted two counts relating to the possession of a loaded gun.

Five others have pleaded not guilty to charges relating to the supply of Class A drugs.

Their trial has provisionally been set for late September.