A SCOUT group is battling for survival after being given the boot from its present home by Surrey Heath Council.

The 1st Frimley Green and Mytchett Scout Group has until October next year to leave its headquarters in Guildford Road.

But the group fears it may be forced to fold after becoming embroiled in a bitter battle with the council over an alternative site.

Initially the council offered the group a four-acre woodland site near its present headquarters, but that fell through.

Now it has told the group the best it can offer is a corner of the Frimley Lodge Park car park.

Group chairman Dr Tony Moore has described the proposed 0.1-acre site as being unsafe because outdoor activities would have to take place in the park.

It is also only a fraction of the size of the existing headquarters which has been compulsory purchased by the council as a housing site.

Accusing the council of reneging on its promise of the four-acre site, Dr Moore said: "That land would have been ideal.

"Instead the council is trying to force us on to the car park which is of no practical use whatsoever."


He warned that the fiasco would result in more than 150 Scouts and Cubs, and 60 Brownies and Guides, being evicted and having nowhere to meet.

In a further twist, the group is taking the council to a Land Tribunal because it claims it has been short changed over the compulsory purchase price.

The council has increased its offer from £112,900 to £280,000, but a valuer has advised the group that this figure is still too low.

Dr Moore said: "As far as I'm concerned this is a wretched tale of deceit and incompetence on the council's part."

Council leader Moira Gibson defended the council's handling of the affair. She said the group's present site was needed for social and key workers' housing.

In her view the car park was ideal. "It is secure and parents will be able to drop off their children outside the door," she said.

The council, which is contributing around £60,000 towards the cost of building the new headquarters, is pressing ahead with a planning application.

"I think once the hut is provided they will be happy with it," added Miss Gibson.