COVE Bowling Club should soon have a new pavilion - thanks to a "bonus" payment from Rushmoor Council.

Initially the council decided to give £50,000 towards the cost of the £235,000 building.

Now it has agreed to increase the grant to £70,000 following a request from the club.

The extra cash will enable the pavilion to be built by next summer when the new season starts.

In addition to the council cash, the club has received a £110,000 handout from the National Lottery.

Councillors were told that the existing pavilion had reached the end of its useful life and offered poor facilities.

The club leases its greens at Horn Road, Cove, from the council.

Picture: Left to right: Phil Stoneman- Principal Leisure Officer; John Guerin - Men's Captain, Donna Taylor - Ladies' Captain and Coun. David Clifford at Cove Bowling Club.