AN irate Farnborough woman has lambasted Rushmoor Council after a large building was put up at the end of her garden.

Liz Watson, of Oxford Road, Farnborough, contacted the Mail because she said she wanted to expose the type of building that can be built without permission from the council’s planning department.

“Recent dealings with Rushmoor planning department have demonstrated that we must be dealing with fools,” she said.

“This building takes my light, and its bulk, in such close proximity to my property, is totally unacceptable.

“Everyone who sees it is astonished that this does not require planning permission,” she added.

Work on the building, which Mrs Watson says her neighbour plans to use as a painting studio, began some months ago and it is now four metres tall.

But a spokesman for Rushmoor Council said there was nothing they could do about it because the development is not categorised as one they have jurisdiction over:

“It’s called permitted development and the construction that’s being built falls within that allowance and therefore a formal planning application is not required,” said the spokesman.

Mrs Watson reacted angrily to this and said:

“I find that strange, to be honest.

“That means that anyone, anywhere can build something like that in their garden.

“I cannot believe that’s right. I hear what they’re saying but I just wonder whether someone’s missed something or whether they are interpreting the documents correctly.”

She said that her ward councillor, Roland Dibbs, said when he first saw it, that it could not be right someone could construct such a building without planning permission.

But Mrs Watson had added that he “had come back with his tail between his legs” when he found out they could.

Cllr Dibbs said: “It’s not a very nice sight.

The gardens are very small and it’s right up close to the fence.

“I had someone from the planning department go down and check it but it was within planning guildelines,” he added.