Neighbours of a proposed fast food takeaway in Aldershot have finished having their say on the impact it could have on their lives.

KFC submitted plans for a drive-through restaurant in North Close, off North Lane, on March 4 and a public consultation period inviting views on the application ended last Friday.

A decision on the application could be made as early as next month, with Rushmoor Borough Council’s development control committee due to meet on Wednesday May 14.

North Town councillors surveyed residents in the area to encourage them to give their opinions, and Cllr Keith Dibble said the results had shown opinion was around three-to-one against the KFC.

The main concerns raised in the feedback were over increased traffic in the south end of North Lane and Lower Newport Road.

Cllr Dibble also said the occupants of flats in Clyde Court, which neighbours the site, feared their quality of life would be impacted upon.

“One would hope that the committee will listen to the thoughts of local people and address their concerns,” he added.

A total of 15 representations from members of the public have been lodged with the borough council, with worries about litter, unpleasant smells, noise and antisocial behaviour in the vicinity all prominent.

Some respondents argued that there were already enough takeaways in the area, while an increase in people crossing Ash Road, a busy double lane road, was also a concern.

The plans for the drive-through include 38 parking spaces and the creation of a new access road from Ash Road, in addition to the existing one off North Lane.

The proposed site is currently occupied by Northgate Van Hire, which is due to relocate to Camberley in the coming weeks. The existing building would then be demolished.

KFC faces a battle to convince the council that its restaurant is a suitable addition to what is designated as an important industrial site.

The council’s head of planning, Keith Holland, has said KFC planners would need to give a ‘very good reason’ why this designated use should be changed.

However, Phil Speechley, senior property acquisition manager at KFC, argued that the 50 jobs the restaurant would create, and the training and structure that allows employees to develop their careers, should be seen as valuable to Aldershot.