DISABLED Hart Council Leader David Simpson spoke this week about how a young woman came after him with a knife after he had ticked her off about motorcycling on a footpath near his home.

And the angry councillor revealed that despite two 999 calls to the police he had still not seen a policeman about the incident in which his neighbour was threatened with being "cut up in little pieces."

It was about midnight on Friday when Coun. Simpson heard a loud revving of a motorcycle along the footpath that runs across the bottom of Bramley Lane into Globe Farm Lane, Frogmore. When he went out and spoke to the motorcyclist and his woman passenger they swore at him. Neither were wearing helmets and the machine bore L-plates.

Coun. Simpson said that when he went back into his house and rang 999 he was told that he should not have used the emergency number.

On going outside he heard another row going on and saw his neighbour being threatened by the woman with a knife. She was saying that Coun. Simpson had told them not to ride the motorcycle and said to the neighbour: "do you want to be cut up in little pieces?"

The woman then put the knife away and fled. Coun. Simpson rang 999 again. "I have not heard anything from the police since," he said. "They told me that they would see if they could get somebody out."

He believes he knows the name of the knifewoman.

Hampshire Police spokesman Kevin Briscoe said police were on the scene within two minutes of the second call but could not see anybody about. They were then redeployed to another area.

He said the matter had not been dropped and Coun. Simpson could expect to hear from Yateley Police shortly. "I am sorry he has not been contacted yet," he added.