A councillor has criticised a leaflet about plans for a 150-home estate in Hartley Wintney which a developer has sent to residents.

Cllr Mark Fullbrook, who represents the village on Hart Council, now wants Luckmore Limited to pay for a second leaflet to correct the first one.

Produced by Reading’s Barton Willmore planning partnership, it makes, he believes, misleading state-ments about the Dilly Lane site.

“The leaflet clearly implies that building on the site has been given the go-ahead.

“What is more it states that Hart Council has decided a development brief should be prepared for the site and that Barton Willmore is preparing a draft development brief in consultation with the council.

“This statement has caused alarm among many of those I represent, and is seriously misleading.

“I have called on Barton Willmore to destroy any of the leaflets not yet delivered, and to put matters right by printing a new leaflet that I will happily write.

“I note that the leaflet asks how many houses local people think appropriate for the site. I suggest that the answer is none and this is the figure I will be putting on the form.”

An exhibition detailing the Dilly Lane plan will be held in The Appleton Hall in West Green Road, Hartley Wintney, tomorrow (Saturday) from 11am-4pm and on Wednesday from 4-8pm.

"I will be attending the presentation on Saturday and will welcome the chance to hear the views of everyone who attends,” said Cllr Fullbrook.

“Whatever the developer may try to imply, the future of Dilly Lane has not been decided and to imply otherwise is simply wrong.”

Luckmore says up to 50 affordable homes could be provided in the village if the development is approved.

Ian Tant, senior planning partner of Barton Willmore, said: “Escalating higher-than-average house prices in Hartley Wintney have forced young people to move out of the village to set up home away from their families.

“We recognise that many people in Hartley Wintney want to get on to the property ladder but cannot afford the first step.

“There is also a chronic shortage of housing at reasonable rents.

“In this situation, more than the usual 25% affordable housing will be included in the design.

“The mixture of low-cost homes would include properties to rent through housing associations, shared ownership where half the house is purchased and the other half is rented, and homes for key workers such as teachers and policemen.

“The majority of homes will be for sale but we appreciate and respect local needs.

“Over the last 30 years Hartley Wintney has seen a number of new developments.

“The new concept for the Dilly Lane site will mean that for the first time ever the village will see a housing development that contributes a significant number of affordable homes and other tangible benefits for the people of Hartley Wintney.”

These include traffic lights at the junction of Dilly Lane and the A30, upgrading the footpath to Winchfield station to include a cycleway, extending the local footpath network and contributing to sporting and youth facilities in the village.